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To help you as best we can, we have collected the most frequently asked questions with answers for you. You’ll find them below.

Questions & answers

Royal route + programme 27 april


At what time will the royal family visit Maastricht?
The royal family will visit Maastricht from 11.00 am to 1.00 pm. Click here for the route and program of the royal family.

Which route will the royal family walk during King's Day?
On this page you will find everything you need to know about the route that the royal family walks during King's Day.

Where can I go as a spectator along the route?
On the map below you will find an overview of the spectator areas along the route. Please note: once you have found a spot, it is difficult to switch to another spectator area. 

Do I need to buy tickets for access to the spectator areas?
No, access to the spectator areas is free.

Are there any spectator spots along the route for people with a physical disability?
You can register for a spot for people with a physical disability by sending an email to You can bring an extra person to accompany you. When registering, you can indicate that you are bringing a companion. Your companion will be given a standing space close to the area for people with a physical disability.

Can I take pictures of the royal couple?
Yes, it’s allowed to take photos of the royal couple and share the photos on social media.

Can I offer the royal family flowers or a present?
During King's Day Maastricht you can shake hands with the members of the royal family or offer them flowers / a present if the opportunity presents itself spontaneously. You cannot make an appointment with the members of the royal family. If you can offer a present or flowers to the members of the royal family, please note that it is normal for the present or flowers to be immediately passed on to employees of the Royal House Service. All members of the royal family must have and keep their hands free, so they can take part in the program. Sustainable gifts will be registered. Perishable presents (flowers, food) will be assessed per item afterwards.

Is it possible to fly drones on King's Day?
No, the flight network will be reserved for press drones on King's Day.

Is it allowed to bring a large bag?
Yes, it’s allowed to bring a large bag, but keep in mind that large bags will be checked.

Will King’s Day go ahead if the weather is bad?
Yes, King’s Day will go ahead in case of bad weather.

What activities are organized in the city during King's Day?
View the events calendar for a complete overview of the activities.

Will Maastricht organise a flea market during King's Day?
Yes, more information can be found here.

What else is there to do in Maastricht besides King’s Day?
All tips for a visit to Maastricht can be found on Are you in town? You are more than welcome to ask any questions at the Maastricht Visitor Centre, Kleine Staat 1 (open during King's Day from 10.00 am to 3:00 pm).

Will there be any public toilets in Maastricht on King’s Day?
On King’s Day you will find public toilets at Vrijthof.

Will the shops in the city centre be open on King's Day?
Most downtown shops will be open from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm, except shops along the route. Shops along the route will open once the royal family has left. Please refer to website of the shop you want to visit for exceptions.

Will restaurants, cafes and bars be open on King’s Day?
Restaurants, cafes and bars in the city centre will be open. Consult the website of the restaurant, bar or cafe you want to visit for opening times.

Travel options

What is the best way to travel to the city centre of Maastricht on King's Day?
We advise you to come by public transport or – if you don't live too far away – come by bike. More information can be found here.

How do I get to the city centre from Maastricht train station?
Almost all city buses run from Maastricht Central Station to the city centre. On foot you will be diverted via the Wilhelminabrug (Wilhelmina Bridge) towards Markt and Vrijthof, and the Hoge Brug (High Bridge) towards Stadspark (City Park) where the flea market will be organised. The Sint Servaasbrug (St Servatius Bridge) will be closed temporarily. The diversion is only a short, 10-minute walk. Signs will tell you where to go. Once the royal visit is finished, the Sint Servaasbrug will be open to the public again.

I have a boat, can I enjoy King's Day from the water?
The Maas will have limited navigability during King's Day in Maastricht. Please note there will be blockades near the Sint Servaasbrug.

Will buses run during King's Day in Maastricht?
Yes, all buses will run during King's Day in Maastricht. Please note some buses will be diverted and/or run according to a modified timetable. Check the Arriva website before departure.

Where can I find the taxi ranks?
You will find them at Markt and at the central train station. The taxi rank on Boschstraat will be closed.

I use a wheelchair and I need to park my car near the spectator area for people with a physical disability at Het Bat. Where can I park my car?
We advise you to park your car in the parking lot under the Kennedybrug (Kennedy Bridge). Make sure to park your car on time – there are only a limited number of parking spots.

Will I be able to use the bicycle parking facilities in and around the city centre?
Some will be available, some not. Visit the Maastricht Bereikbaar website for an overview of the available bicycle parking facilities.

I'm going out on Tuesday evening/to a party within the closed part of the city centre. Will I be able to get there?
Yes. But please note that entering or exiting the closed off area by car is not allowed. If you are coming by bike, please note that some regular bicycle parking facilities will be closed. Bicycles/scooters parked on the pavement along the royal walking route will be taken to the Municipal Bicycle Depot at 39 Sint Gerardusweg.

Other questions

Are there any measures against the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) I need to take into account when visiting Maastricht?
There are currently no measures against the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) you need to take into account when visiting Maastricht. Visit the website of the Dutch government for more information about coronavirus (COVID-19).

My question is not listed. What should I do?
You can contact us by sending an email to or by calling us on 14 043.

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